São Lourenço's Castro

São Lourenços's Castro is a fortified settlement, in which were found vestiges that goes back to the 4th century before Christ. Since the 2nd century before Christ that houses are being built all over the hill in a base line with dephined levels. The scooped area showed the existence of a residence nuclei, which were often surrounded and paved with slabs. This village's defense was insured by three walls.  Several transformations took place in the end of the 1st century before Christ. These transformations lasted until the 4th after Christ with all the signs of Romanization.

São Félix Mountain

This is the highest hill of Rates' mountain, with 202 meters of altitude. It has a privileged panoramic view, from which we can observe the region and enjoy its maritime diversity.

It is a mixture of a rural and an urban place, which makes easy to understand the lines between the coast and the interior, as well as the transition among this two distinctive environments. There are still some traditional mills, although they do not fulfill their original mission.  We can also find there a chapel dedicated to San Felix (a popular heremit) and a hotel unit with the same name.

Bom Jesus (City of Braga)

The architectural complex of Bom Jesus do Monte is the most important place to visit in the city of Braga. It is the most majestic, the most poetic and the most monumental sacrum-hill built in Europe and in which we may behold the religious, baroque, rococo and neoclassical architecture .

Since the 14th century, with the human presence in the holy hill of Bom Jesus, that the presence of pilgrims was observed moving on their foot, by elevator or with humble transport means. This fact makes this baroque resort one of the greater holy routes, characterized by its penitential and sacred value, well known for beeing a traditional ritual of purification and, not least, a leisure and rest place.


Apúlia's Ecovia

The execution of Apulia's Ecovia (a pedestrian sidewalk along the sea coast) is almost finished and it it being built under the Polis Litoral Norte program. This Ecovia will connect Caminha to Apúlia by a sidewalk, with a total length of 73 kilometers. This project is part of a large context of interventions among a national strategic plan of requalification and valorization of the Portuguese Coast, which contemplates the protection and the defense of the Portuguese Coast. This national plan aims the prevention, the requalification and the promotion of the natural values our culture and maritime urban centres inherited from the Portuguese North Sea Coast.

Estela Golf Club

The private and exclusive Estela Golf Club is one of the best and most luxurious golf courses in Portugal. Estela is a links golf, which has an ideal weather for golf during all year, located in front of the Atlantic Ocean in an environmental protected area. It is embraced with breathtaking views, direct and exclusive access to the beach, huge spaces and a five star  service.

Foz do Cávado Swimming Pools

Foz do Cávado swimming pools have an area of 600 m2 and a volume of 550 m3. One of these pools  have heated water with a temperature wich is around the 30° (Celsius degrees), dedicated to leisure time, learning how to swin classes or swimming's improvement.

Another pool is equiped with hydromassage (average temperature of 35o) and  supplemented by underwater sounds. It is an attraction in its region and even in the country. This happens because it produces waves and provides true moments of "adventures in the sea" in an environment of maximum safety and comfort. Its depth increases from 0meters to 1,80meters at its maximum.

Póvoa's Casino

Póvoa's Casino was built on the thirty years of the twentieth century. It has a neoclassical style and it is situated in Póvoa de Varzim. Several game and spectacles take place there throughout the year.

Ridding a Bike

Esposende is a village which is characterized by having a flat territory which embraces a huge nature area, sea and river, sun and beach, history and culture, sport and leisure, available for yourselves to enjoy. It is a privilege of nature!

Northern Equestrian Club

Located in Gandra wich is a small village located in Esposende's county. North's Equestrian Club, is situated nearby the Cavado river (250 meters from the river), in a natural and harmonious setting. It is opened from Tuesday to Sunday.

Shooting club

Founded in December of 1994, this club allows the practice of archery and shooting with hunting guns and bullet guns.

Activities nearby Esposende

Let yourself be enchanted and discover places with wonderful panoramic views over the sea coast and the county of Esposende.



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